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Warranty Length & Process on Audio & Actuators?

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Hey All….this past trip both my cav plate and stereo stopped working and unfortunately I am 5 hours away from my dealership (Larsen), so looking for most efficient way to handle these fixes.

Cav switch has power so assuming its the actuator. And the Exile Bluetooth controls work and the amp seems to work, but still no sound coming out. so assuming its the controls unit that has an issue.

Quick question for those that may know….Don perhaps?

When i got my 2019 F21, it came with limited paperwork re manuals and warranty. I found a warranty doc on MB’s site that talks about the 3 year warranty on most things in the boat but has zero mention of actuators. Any idea if these are covered or should i just go buy a replacement?

Re the audio, the warranty doc (see attached) mentions that it has a lifetime warranty for the original owner….is this possible and true? And if so, should I be able to reach out to Larsen and swap the controls unit or should I go to MB now that Larsen is no longer a dealer?

Thanks all!




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Update - so I connected with Larsen and they told me MB stopped supporting them for warranty items, so unfortunately they were unable to help me.  

For the actuator I was told I need to find another dealer to get diagnosed and replacement….less than ideal.

And for the Exile audio it gets even worse - since MB is now using JL, they no longer support Exile warranty items and I need to working directly with Exile. 

Not the best customer experience . . .

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Call Exile direct. Their customer service is great.  I am sure it is not a lifetime warranty, no company would offer that. It says limited,  Not sure what the meaning is. 

As far as actuator,  Call West Coast Boat Center in Rocklin, Maybe they are closer to you and can help.  Maybe they can order a new one for you and ship to you.

Keep us posted.

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