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New Alpha's tube tow point

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Hi Everyone, I ordered a 2022 B52 Alpha and am hearing that the tow point for a tube is a rear cleat in the center.  Hearing lots of comments about the concern about the resiliency of that point.  Has anyone used it yet?  Any troubles?  I would love to see a picture of it.  I've not seen a picture or video of that accessory yet.  Thanks everyone!

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10 hours ago, Hyperryd said:

I’m sure the fiberglass is pretty thick there but I’m surprise there isn’t a bracket or at least better backing behind it. 

I would have thought a nice thick slab underneath at least the size of the cleat

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My old Yamaha used a smaller cleat than that one but had a rectangle aluminum plate that the bolts went through, on the back, to spread the load. If/when I buy an alpha I may fab my own 2 hole plate to go on the back side of that. Seems like a simple solution in order to prevent some potential spider cracks. I guess we'll see if anyone ends up with spider cracks probably before I get an alpha. I don't really tow tubes aggressive so it would probably be fine. 

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