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  2. CAUTION ...FNG QUESTION......CAUTION!! With regards to my slip... 1. I assume the bilge pump in every new boat is on a hot batt bus or tied directly to the battery so that it operates while the battery is in the "off" position. Correct? 2. When renting a slip...Do you just tie the fenders/bumpers/balls to the dock the first time in the right position for your boat and leave them the whole time (to save time and space in the boat) or do you tie them to the boat and just redeploy them every time you come to dock. I can see us docking the boat 2-3 times a day, so it would be cool
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  4. That's great. How'd you find them? And what's the mystery boat?
  5. Just hear to say this thread is AWESOME. I too have been wanting to get to Powell, but Havasu seems like it's the place this year.
  6. Not sure if it will fit as I believe there were changes after 2019 model. I’ll have to check. Thanks
  7. I have a tower down cover for a 2020 b52 23. not sure if it would fit but I would sell for 1000. I only used it once to drive home from the boat dealer
  8. I am having a hard time finding a new travel cover for my 2016 B52 23ft boat. Evolution covers says they do not make that size and cant seem to find another company that makes a nice under the tower cover. i have an over the tower cover I use for longer term storage, I have contacted MB, but their covers are not great and mine has completely fallen apart in 5 years. Any other ideas out there and some pictures of the covers. I sometimes drive with mine on, but not all the time.
  9. it seems like a great idea, one of the hardest parts getting newbies up is keeping them on the side of the boat they're supposed to surf on.
  10. I'm seeing more and more boats with tow pylons mounted on the inside side of the tower to help get kids and new surfers up on the board. Anyone have these installed and do they actually make a difference or just a waste of cash?
  11. Last week
  12. Never houseboated there and haven’t really seen many posted up anywhere obvious. I’m sure the rental company can point you in the right direction. Definitely take it through the channel though, you’ll be YouTube famous. Aaron I sent you a PM.
  13. you wont regret getting the slip. super handy to leave most of your stuff and pop out in the morning or for a break. only go as fast as you want to hit the dock and make sure your kids hands are out of the way! I bring large house boat size fenders(4) and put them on each side of the slip. I usually favor one side when I tie up, but just incase.
  14. DUuuuuuuudeeee! Thank you so much @Brobee! This is a wealth of info and these "insider" tips are exactly what I was looking for! I appreciate it. We decided to get a slip for the week. Lake Havasu Marina said they put me in a "nube" slip without a boat behind me to make it easier as I will be still getting used to the V Drive. It was only $90 bucks or so plus the one time launch fee. I figure we will actually spend more time on the water with a slip being able to go in the morning, moor it while we eat and do the tourist thing during the hottest part of the day, then return and do
  15. This is an awesome thread. I’m going houseboat with the green machine at havasu in mid-July (Powell next year assuming we love it). bro/others- any tips / tricks / recommendations for a first timer to havasu houseboating? Besides definitely roll the houseboat through the channel 😂?
  16. it's freakin' ugly whatever it is 😅
  17. Does anyone even recognize what make this might even go in. I am thinking it may be off a Heyday.
  18. Code please, smokey. 2021 B52 Alpha. MB #6
  19. I have a house in Havasu and it’s the only lake we use. There’s a free launch ramp at Site 6 on the island, but the locals have made it a pastime to gather and heckle. There’s three ramps at Windsor state park but it’s $20 a day to enter. If you plan on coming on the reg, a year pass is something like $200. If you get the pass take it to the staples off the 95 and they’ll laminate it for you for $8 or so. Of the three ramps I prefer the one straight ahead when you come from the entrance. It has nice docks you can use to pick up passengers or your trailer valet. If you plan on parking
  20. Hey Randy...I could really use a code please...2018 B52 23....Thanks...Bsoebbing@Fluidra.com
  21. Pretty sure this is not a cushion for an MB. However maybe someone might know of its rightful owner. Found this cushion just north of Mesquite NV on southbound I15. Would have been lost between 4/30-5/2
  22. I have a 2012 MB 21F tomcat pulled it out of storage for winter to put Sitec in fired up today and noticed fuel gauge not working nor are the lights or ballast system not lighting up is there a fuse or does anybody have any ideas running fineI have a 2012 MB 21F tomcat pulled it out of storage for winter to put Sitec in fired up today and noticed fuel gauge not working nor are the lights or ballast system not lighting up is there a fuse or does anybody have any ideas running fine
  23. g I bought my first boat last year, 2006 mb52. love it. But on a recent trip to San Diego bay (without the boat) I was surprised to see quite a few wakeboarding boats cruising the Bay. I really want to launch mine in but I need advise as to how to clean it after. what to do what not to do.........I'm also going on my first trip to Havassu in 2 weeks, any advise is welcome!
  24. Congrats and welcome. Sorry I am not much help with older MB models.
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