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    2014 Silverado Z71
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    2007 MB sport tomcat F23
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    ACME 2079
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    Stock 2400 lbs
  1. No it’s a legit account. I’m genuinely looking for some assistance and I appreciate the suggestions. Keep them coming anyone else who has the same boat. I got the 12x18 tab installed. Did just the middle tab. It cleans up the wave better but still seems like wave is to short and can’t get it “clean”. I do admit I get a better wave at lower speeds than I did before around 14.5 mph. I am getting a better wave around 13.5 mph with the plate. first pic is regular side you can see the wash. This is with stock ballast full Second is goofy side. Same thing. These see
  2. Thanks for reply. What speeds, and ballast are you using with the mega surf gate to get the clean wave? Thanks Dominic
  3. Hi, New to forum and new to wake boats. Just purchased this 2007 tomcat. I upgraded from a stern drive mainly for wakesurfing. I have been scouring these forums and have seen some post about this year not being good for surfing. Since I just bought this boat and don’t plan on selling it. I am determined to figure it out. I ordered a set of 12”x18” edge mounted trim tabs that just got in today but won’t have time to install them for a couple of weeks. I am debating on installing one like the “surf tabs” or both (if it would have any benefit). If I only do one then I will probably use the
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