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  1. Good question? I was thinking about DIY ceramic, so any input would be great. I have always used Hot sauce or boat Juice with great results.
  2. I love how clean its going to look.
  3. I was originally going to order the Alpha F22 because of the freeboard but switched to the B52 Alpha for bow storage, extra room, known surf wave and then went with the 575 motor for a no regrets possible purchase.
  4. Since its so new unfortunately you probably won't see a lot of videos till summer.
  5. I will have a lot more comparison info once I get my boat, but I will say the supra SA equally equipped is at least 25k-30K higher in price. The SA has some nice features but really Its just the computer tech. The MB build quality is on par or better with all the big boys. ( Does anyone know which other manufacturers are vacuum bagging, I think CA requires it now). MB is on the verge of a true custom boat with all the options and color choices they offer along with the vacuum bagged construction. Custom boats usually command a huge premium over a production boats in the offshore type boat mar
  6. @Wylietunes I completely got your point and agree the Rev 10 will over power the JL std. coaxial. Just replacing the JLs may not go over with the wife, but I like your thinking. I might consider selling the JL's and get a second set of Rev 10's, (4) rev 10s would be sweet. I have been thinking about throwing some tower speaker in the bronco for top off cruising.
  7. The boat shack is awesome, I agree. Let us know how that new Mono board surfs.
  8. The JL's are clean speakers but personally I love the wetsounds. I guess its just the 80's rocker in me that loves the Rev10's. Maybe I should install the rev10's to the roll bar on my 69 bronco it needs a stereo upgrade.
  9. That would be cool if the swivel mounts would fit because they are already part of the round tower mount systems on my speakers. I know this is blasphemous for some but I was thinking about mixing them in with the JL's.
  10. I have a set of Wetsounds Rev10s I pulled of my 2014 tomcat. What mounting hardware would I need to mount them on the new MB tower on my new Alpha?
  11. welcome to the forum. Can't wait to hear how the new boat treats you.
  12. For me Facebook is typically for impersonal junk and stuff I don't expect a meaningful, honest response from(if i get one i am pleasantly surprised). I think the real in-depth conversation with substance typically happen on forums like this.
  13. Ordered the 575 to avoid moving people around and I can load it down without worrying about not getting to surf speed at elevation. I have been spoiled surfing behind my friends supra with the 575, now its my turn. Cant Wait @The Donfather
  14. I sold the 2014 F22, so I sat down with Jason at the boat shack on Saturday and got the order all worked out on my Alpha B52 "575-The Beast". I can't wait its going to be a long winter.
  15. Nice snag, those look sweet. I am a big believer in riding the best equipment. My 15 year old daughter Rides an AK board from Erie Surf and her riding is progressing much faster than if she was riding something more intermediate level vs custom pro board. Chris Walter pro rider and owner of Zombie Surf just posted about how his boards are for beginners to Pro level - Same board.
  16. Note don't shove your cover under the removable front filler cushion. I had my cover fly out and never found it. I almost always tow cover on for anyplace that's further than 30-40 minutes, I hate a dirty, dusty and or wet boat. I wish I had a tower down cover to keep the bugs off my tower and speakers. Blue tape around the edges or saran wrap keep the chafing away.
  17. Not sure. I have the exile balls. My guess is this is what everyone is getting from Ch1na and just putting on logo's https://www.amazon.com/WALIKI-Hippity-Hopping-Kangaroo-Included/dp/B00P2YHX5Y?th=1
  18. @Guppydriver I personally use both types depending on the situation because its easy to deflate the balls. I think the balls a great boat to boat but I wouldn't depend on them around the dock as much. I can't remember if my fenders are 8" or 10" diameter but they are much better around the dock because of the length and strength against pointy objects. I like the new mission fenders as well.
  19. Its probably rushing to get the cash flowing that has cause a lot of manufacturers to just skip some of their typically quality control or let defects go because its good enough for now and some people will let it slide. Its good that people are bringing it up so it will get fixed sooner. Its less costly to fix on the front end. MB will make it right they make an awesome boat. I thought it was interesting that it seemed like a little censorship was going on, but that doesn't surprise me on FB. MB is the kind of company that would admit to an issue and say opps we missed a couple smal
  20. I was just checking out the FB groups a few days ago and I was surprised to see how misaligned and the symmetry failures the new MB interior upholstery have. Are they having quality control issues on the new boats? I can't seem to find the post anymore either, strange.
  21. That regular wave looks great. How much extra weight are you running?
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