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  1. The 2079 was a recommended prop for my 2014 F22 as well and I had one. I went from that to the OJ which was better but I can tell you when I went to the ACME 2937 it was like my boat was in tractor mode it pulled more ballast and people. It wasn't perfect but better. You will loose more topend speed.
  2. My understanding is that the control modules for the marine motors are not at all the same as cars, so that will not work. Changing props if really about the only option. I struggled with that same issue on the F22 2104 with the bigger motor. I looked for options like chips super charger..., then I focused on props until I found the right prop. ACME 2937 15.00" x 11.00" Wake/Ski 4-Blade Propeller × 1 worked really well and the OJ 15 X 12.5 LC 1 1/8" WAKEPRO V-3 4-blade, #885-MF. I sold the boat and still have one of the props I can check and let you know which one. I thinks its the OJ.
  3. Looks great can't wait to see some more pictures.
  4. @bloodiestcadaverbeing in Utah(dry climate) its not as critical to get a marine sub, if you look for a sub with a cone and surround that won't have issues with a little moister. A lot of high end systems in boats don't use marine subs because they don't perform as well compared to higher end car subs. @Wylietunes can give you a lot more details on how watts impact sounds etc.... Don't be fooled into thinking watts=sounds output and quality. Think of it like putting a 700hp motor in for pinto wagon. It has power but its junk. A mini cooper with a 300hp motor will have better overall p
  5. Looks great. Waiting is the hard part. I have 2 months more to wait. Vapor blue beast
  6. If you look at Mikes google doc below you can see that tower speakers are all bridged. From a purely power perspective the amps are rated at 200 watts bridged, which fit into the suggested power rating for the JL 8.8 towers.
  7. See if they can give you the amp tuning settings. You might want them in case someone messes with them, you need to replace an amp or you want to share them.
  8. There is a lot more to sounds quality than watts. Honestly I am really glad to see JL in the new boats, it kept me from changing out the exile system. Exile isn't bad I just don't think its on par with JL, Wetsounds, and a lot of other major players out there. Just my 2cents. This would probably match up with the big12 replacement: https://www.skaraudio.com/products/vxf-12-inch-car-subwoofer https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/zvxv2-subwoofer-series/products/zvx-12v2-12-inch-car-subwoofer
  9. https://www.jlaudio.com/collections/car-audio-subwoofers-w7ae/products/13w7ae-d1-5-car-audio-w7ae-subwoofers-92116
  10. Are those the 8.8's or the 7.7's?
  11. I just talked to The Boats Shack and the upgraded 12 is the M7-12. Having the stereo tuned is a really good idea. Value all comes down to personal preference. I love base. I have a 3k sub in my home theater with dual 15's. The JL top of the line home theater runs 15K not sure I can justify the cost.
  12. The boat shack said the (6) tower systems with 12" sub upgrade comes with the (1) M1000/1v2 (2) M400/4 and (2) M800/8V2. If the upgrade is the marine 12 the retail price for the JL M7 12 is $500 more than the 10 and the Amp is upgraded as well. One problem for me is my wife isn't going to want me to upgrade after I buy the new boat, she likes the idea of everything being stock. I have had audio extreme do some work for me. They are good and a JL dealer.
  13. Which JL amps is MB installing for the 4 vs 6 tower speakers setup? Which amplifier do you get with the subwoofer upgrade to the 12" vs the 10"? trying to decide to upgrade with MB or have the local JL shop add them 4k seems like a lot for 2 extra towers ad a 12 unless that amps are upgraded.
  14. Do you have the raptor motor or the GM?
  15. You will more than Likely want to install a center plate.
  16. Wavemakers has some great kits with reversible pumps, that make it easy to install. That's what I used. Then I picked up a cool switch panel on amazon that had usb connections and a volt meter.
  17. I would see if you can get a dealer to pull the computer info on the motor and see how many hours are in each RPM range. For example I had a 300 hours at idle and 225 hours at actual boating and surfing RPM's. You will need to add rear and bow sacs to get it to surf well if it doesn't already have them. Check the tower for cracks along the welds.
  18. Hey if you need some help let me know. I just sold my 2014 F22 last year and I did all kinds of mods. I love to drill wholes in boats. I live in Ogden, based on the pictures you are in North Ogden. I should have my New "B52 Alpha 575 beast" in a couple months, I boat at pineview or the Gorge, a few times before the bugs infest willard.
  19. Welcome. I am sure you will enjoy. My guess is you will be fine if you just want the bow pieces. If you want to replace the carpet I have heard you need to template it because of differences between each boat that might exist.
  20. I used a pointed one on my 2014 F22. I don't see the one on got on the site anymore but the universal fit has a couple options.
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