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  1. So I tickled my 2775 on something while loading the boat….repair shop is backed up and I won’t see it until mid September. they do have a 2247 in stock. I have been looking at reducing RPM anyway so this may be an option. And keep the 2775 as a spare. anyone got an opinion to help make a decision??? 2016 23’ B52 @ 2800ft / surfing 90% of the time with full ballast thanks..
  2. for now I moved the tabs to a different hole on the tabs. It is working fine for now..... I will probably take it to the dealer in the offseason for troubleshooting.
  3. I would bet on a faulty actuator...
  4. Did you ever get to the bottom of this????? I am having the EXACT same issue..... If the "local dealer" you speak of cant help me I just might lower the tab position...not ideal but it will work
  5. I sent the dealer a pic of my current software. Hope to hear back soon if an update is available
  6. for some reason my GSA tabs are not fully deploying. Once they activate with the wakesurf function, I have to manually bump them to clean up the wave. When I start the boat, I let it cycle through the functions before I start (I have been told that may be the issue) however it still does not work. has anyone else run into this??? thanks for any suggestions
  7. +1 for glow sticks. We buy a bunch of glow sticks from the dollar store and keep them in the glove box. Glow sticks work better than I thought they would. I'm working on a way to temporarily mount a waterproof LED light on the surf board. One time we had a little trouble finding a board that got away from a fallen rider.
  8. I put the bow filler cushion in front of the driver seat and put the wind screen in the walk way. Never had an issue with anything blowing out ((knock on wood)).
  9. my garage is 26x26. I put our 23' B52 in there once. with the platform off, there was only 6" at back and even less room at the front....you would definitely want a spotter who you could trust. I think you would also have to disconnect your surf tabs to fit in 25'
  10. **just a friendly tip, always slide boards into the pockets nice and slow. I had a family member put a board away up there and he pushed it in too quick and it tagged the tower tube and chipped the nose of the board.. Grrr
  11. I used to use Babes Boat Bright. But I bought some Boat Bling Hot Sauce and will never go back. But I still like the Babes Seat Soap for the vinyl.
  12. I have NEVER seen any patrols after dark on our lake...in fact, I have only been stopped once in my life and the only reason I think they stopped us is because I had 10 bikini wearing passengers and they wanted to "take a look" haha
  13. I just added a post about the tower on my 2016 B52......I am going to be installing the light bar I had on my previous boat (2011 Tomcat). I am hopeful that with the forward sweeping tower that the light wont flood the bow like it did on my 2011. Here is a pic I found of my old boat with light bar......I still giggle every time I see it
  14. So once again I am stuck up at work thinking about my MB...... I was planning on installing my light bar on the tower of our 2016 B52 (tube style). Does anybody know if that tower is pre wired for lights? I was looking at getting a wiring harness but thought I would ask this question first..
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