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  1. For sale $100 shipped Located in Bay Area CA text 2096127721 since I’m not on here often. Its 1 year old.
  2. Boat is a 2018 F22. Hit something under the water. I think I have a 2247.
  3. Had a good surf day today. Wave wasn’t super clean, but it was huge. I’m 5’10
  4. My friend has a 6’ bazooka from the walker project. He has gotten pretty good on it. He started at 325 I think he’s down to 300 now but has always been able to drop the rope.
  5. I hope they would do at least some of them. Some are quite inexpensive changes. After I get enough I’d like to do a poll so they can see the most popular ones. Who else hates putting away the Bimini? It always takes two people.
  6. I totally agree. I really don’t care if my tach is digital or analog. I just want it to make a good wave and always work.
  7. I know there are several dealers and MB employees on here but as the largest group of their target customers, what’s the best way to show what “we” really want? Not crazy stuff like a self loading boat, but real stuff like cabin and tower lights separate. A dimmer on the dash lights. Little things that almost everyone wants. How about a bimini that is easy to use?
  8. I expect 6 more weeks... For 6 more years... I have some plans for my 2021 F22
  9. This is what that thing needs. https://www.performancediesel.com/wp-content/uploads/VGT-LP-SERIES-VER1.pdf Check page 2 for Dyno sheet!
  10. I also have learned the hard way that you have to let the gauges do the full sweep before starting. Sometimes it can be fixed by going to wakeboard, on, off, surf, on.
  11. Searched a bit and couldn’t find anyone having this issue before. Last used the boat December of 18, took out in March of 19, April and just last weekend. This last weekend it took about 3-4 times longer of turning over to finally start. When it did everything was normal. No light or beep. Throughout the day I probably started it 4-5 times and every time it took5-8 seconds to fire when usually its 1-2. My first thought was fuel pressure. But before I start digging into a black hole, I figured I would ask. I have an appointment with my dealer to drop off this Friday. I also have an email into
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