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  1. Sounds like you might have a loose connection on your power distribution block. Probably best if a dealer, or qualified mechanic looks over that issue. Last time I grabbed a live high-voltage line, well let's just say, I won't be doing that again any time soon.
  2. What you're referring to is "feel of the space available." A 22' boat is a 22' boat on the outside, but the way manufacturers design/ layout their interiors makes all the difference. If you look at the interior (seating) space in the F22 you're looking at (classic, or Alpha matters not), and compare it to a competitor's interior space on their 22' boat, you're going to see there is more functional room in the MB as compared to the other boats. Our first 23' B52 (2008 model) easily had the same space as same generation boats which were 1 to 2 feet larger. In 2008 it was all about the way th
  3. Well then, at this point about all you can do is dig down into the area below the floor (the access for the ballast valves should get you to the wiring area.) Something is amiss because there is no way those lights should be on/ powered if your perko switch is in the off position. When you do find the issue, be sure to post what you've found so it becomes information for anyone else who might face a similar problem. Good luck!
  4. That's your underwater surf light. It should be off it your batteries are turned off. If it's flickering, I'm guessing your batteries are on, and just about dead. Check the surf light switch on your dash (should be off, but it's probably in the on position.) You also must have a problem with your port side surf light, as it should be on if the starboard side is on.
  5. The easiest way to settle the engine debate is to ask Jason to take you out for a demo in the new 23' Alpha they are using for their demo boat. It has the 400 in it, and I would wager to say if the 23' works great with the 400, the 22' Alpha would work equally well. Again one of the very huge advantages of working with The Boat Shack. They not only stand behind the MB line with every fiber of their being (remember they don't sell multiple lines of manufacturers' boats), they'll gladly SHOW you why they stand behind the MB line.
  6. Last question first. Yes, the Raptor 6.2, 400 will serve you very will at altitude. As for the warranty question. Kind of a hard subject to answer with just a short one liner. Warranty matters when you need it. We are looking forward to delivery of our 4th MB in the next 10 days, or so. This will be our 2nd 24' Tomcat. Our '08, '12, '17's were all great boats. We did have warranty issues with each of them. Very minor really, but I was glad MB, and The Boat Shack stood firmly behind their product. These are mechanical machines, and things will happen. The reason we keep coming b
  7. Current rig: '17 3500 Ram dually Laramie Mega-cab. The 6.7 Cummins doesn't even know the '17 24' Tomcat is trailing along behind. This is my 6th Ram since 1998, and have no reason to buy anything different. Sons-in-law have Fords, and Chevs, and even a Toyota, but I'm a big Ram fan! Buy the Ram!!
  8. They're not even embarrassed to put those numbers in print?!
  9. Agree with Birddog!! We have pearl white on our '17 24' Tom, and there are 2 times when it really makes a difference; up close in a very bright sunshine, and when you're trying to wipe off water spots. It'll hide the spots better than the plain white, and helps you to see when you are successful in getting all the spots off.
  10. Can't speak to either of the other boats you are comparing with the '09 Tom. Our first B52 was an '08, and to be perfectly honest, that was so long ago, and so many surf wave set ups ago, I can't remember what that wave even looked like. In truth I think we were still spending most of our time wakeboarding. The '08 put out a decent wakeboard wake, but it's nothing like the rides the new ones provide! BTW, as was asked earlier I believe, how close is the nearest MB dealer, or whatever brand of boat dealer you might be looking at for that matter? If you're thinking of buying a boat that'
  11. I agree with Oldsdriver. We have a '17 24', and we've worked really hard to finally dial in the surf wave. I think by the end of the season we were almost where we want to be. It was certainly a great surf wave, but we want it just that little bit more perfect. We know what we need to do, and that will be our effort first day out in 2018. That said, the wave coming out of the '18 23' straight out of the box is mind blowing! You'll pay a premium to have the new hull, but unless you absolutely have to have the bigger play pen front end, I'd stick with the 23'.
  12. The shortest answer to your question as to whether, or not, the boat your are showing us is overpriced, is yes. It seems the comments you have received have been uniformly to that fact. As Racer808 noted, don't rely on NADA. See what boats are selling for in the local area where you are looking. Online classifieds are a good option. The asking price is just that, and I can't imagine a dealer being serious when asking the noted price for that vintage of boat, and certainly not one without a trailer. Doesn't mean you can't get to an equitable pricing agreement with the dealer, if you th
  13. Like was said by Olds, 23' all day long. Between the 2 options, there is only 1 choice, unless you want 2 footitis the first year you own a boat. As for the gas consumption, if that's on your list of worries, maybe you'd better find a different hobby. You do know what B.O.A.T. stands for right?
  14. Our first MB was the twin to the boat you are looking at. We enjoyed it for 2 seasons before moving into a '12 model 23'. The '08 won't surf quite as well as the '12's will, but with the info the Donfather pointed you to, you have hours of fun on the water. The price seems a little above where it should be, especially without a trailer, but perhaps that's just the market in the great northwest. Good luck in your search!
  15. Like you said, different options will dictate final price. Our small ski boat was right around $800.
  16. I know there have been a few discussion items in the past about after market boat covers. If you own the boat long enough, and the cover is subject to inclement weather, it will wear out. I also know some of us have concerns about towing our boats with the covers on as the cleat cut-outs can really scuff the gelcoat. Wanted to give a heads up that Brent Fleming at www.coversports.net, makes a very nice cover. This is a cover that will stand up to the weather, and is specifically designed for towing. Our factory cover for our new '24 is still in good shape, but we have a Supra ski bo
  17. Actually, not all '16's have the lower geared tranny, hence my input to the original OP. Changes do get made even mid-stream, such as the towers this year. In the end higher rpm's with the 1.76 are just a fact of life, and nothing I'm complaining about.
  18. Just remember your '17 has a different tranny than those who are offering the rpm's their boats are running. Every boat I've seen noted has been '16 or older. Your numbers will be higher than theirs even with a higher pitch prop. Talk to ACME is good advice, but don't be surprised if, in the end, they don't recommend the same prop you are using. MB doesn't send these boats out with a particular prop just because they were able to get a batch on sale.
  19. The new tranny for the '17's is driving things at much higher rpm's. The difference between the 1.50, and the 1.75 gearing. I was a little surprised at the higher rpm's, especially just cruising around the lake, but when you're trying to move nearly 5000# of ballast, you're going to have to take a good bite on the water. Our '12 would cruise much more comfortably at 3400 rpms, all day long, but when it came to trying to get out of the hole with a boat full of ballast, and people, and at nearly 6000' altitude, it just wasn't up to the task.
  20. Probably could, but I'm not inclined to do that. We're really happy with the performance of the boat as it sits. The guys at The Boat Shack have spent a great deal of time testing out different props for our altitude here in Utah, and the set-up we're running works really well.
  21. Just spent a week at Lake Powell, and our F24 with the 440 was drinking at a rate of nearly 9 gph. This boat with the new tranny (higher rpm's) is much thirstier than our '12 with the 410 PCM. That said you could pull a tree from the bottom of the lake with all the power from the prop, and tranny. As has been said, it takes fuel to move all that weight around the lake.
  22. Stupid question, but are your gravity ballast valves closing all the way?
  23. Thanks for sending the pics. Not to be a noodge, but from the looks of the way your cover is sitting on your boat, it is not properly fitted to your hull. It looks like you have the same issues. Your cleats do not seem to be fitting properly through the cut-outs which are designed to keep tension on the cover, nor do the tension strap seem to be fitting comfortably underneath the rub rail. I can't tell in your pictures, but perhaps you do not have the tension strap tightened, as the back left corner of the cover (on top of the left-rear locker cover) looks like it's not pulled down tig
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