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  1. Looks like its at the Portland Dealership now and they seem pretty proud of it 😎 https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/bod/d/west-linn-2014-mb-sports-b52-23/7381681805.html
  2. LOL, Yes I fixed it last year however the cables snapped again this year. Terrible design and crappy cables. I have 2 sets of the 4 cables on order (decided to get a spare set) with the local dealership however its been close to 6 weeks since ordering and still nothing. I call the dealership (Action Watersports in Denver) at least once a week and get the same runaround story that MB has ordered cables from the manufacturer but has not received them
  3. 2017 B-52 / 23' 440 Raptor 5200' Elevation (Denver) Typically running around 4900# of ballast Last year I ran a 3093 (15X12.5 x .165) and was somewhat disappointed in the performance. Surf speed RPM was around 4300. This year I swapped in a 2247 (15X14.25X.150) Loving this prop so far. Dropped to about 3800RPM and gained quite a bit of top end speed (36mph from around 30). Boat comes out of the hole great and due to the lower RPM's runs quieter as well. So far I am getting around 5.5 GPH as well. Very happy with this prop! highly recommend. 😎
  4. The 2775 you are replacing is a 15"X12.5" The prop you ordered (2277) is a 15"x15.75" - This is not comparable to your old prop as it has quite a bit more pitch which will give you more top end but less pulling power or torque out of the hole especially at higher elevations or heavy ballast loads. The 2773 they sent you is 15"x13" with a .105 cup. this prop is very comparable to your 2775.
  5. love me some night surfing. Washington State prohibits from 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise.
  6. I remember this boat well One of the best Slapped waves I have ever been on. 😎
  7. Just adding this as well to this thread. Part 1 covers the parts list, but part 2 covers the actual installation steps 😎
  8. Mxvet~ were the mounts hanging straight down or the sideways ones?
  9. I have a 2017 so I guess that would be the older of the newer towers 🤔 honestly I dont understand why so many people tow with it down. In my mind, the full strength of the tower should be when it is up and locked in. I feel like you are much more likely to damage the tower something on the tower if it is down and sitting there cantilevered over on its side and bouncing every time you go over a bridge or rough road. Now, maybe the new new towers have some way of locking it in the down position (Mine doesnt) and that would minimize movement but your still putting a lot of force on the
  10. So one of the two cables in the starbord side of my tower has snapped (Pulled out of the rope socket at the base) Has anyone replaced one? whats the trick? I assume that if I remove the inside panel I can get access to whatever mechanism is in there. Anyone have pics or advice? TIA
  11. This prop is in great condition and used very little. This prop came stock on my 2012 F-23. This prop is a great for cruising, wakeboarding, water skiing at lower elevations. I would not recommend for higher elevations or heavy ballast loads. $475 Plus shipping from Denver CO Thanks for looking
  12. I have an extra 2079 that I don't need anymore. I ran this prop as my primary on my 2012 F-23 and as a back up on my 2017 B52-23. This prop has never been repaired or damaged structurally. It does have a few little scratches and nicks (normal wear and tear) but performs just fine. Great prop for heavy weight and or high elevation. $450 plus shipping from Denver CO. Thanks for looking
  13. Nearly new Surf pipe for sale.. $575 plus shipping. Ran this pipe on my 2017 B-52/23 (440 Raptor) for about 1/2 a season then switched it out for a different set up. Just taking up space in the garage at this point. Excellent condition PM me for details.
  14. Lol, yeah if I relied on Dramadon for info it will be 2021 before I see anything
  15. That was from a 2020 F-22. The screen looks pretty sweet. Bright and colorful. Looks really stylish in the dash I thought. It’s basically an information display (non touchscreen). Everything still runs if switches and the screen displays status of tab deployment, ballast levels (this is rough though as it’s based on timers running the pumps), air and water temp (or apparently liquid nitrogen at 50 below lol), speed, and zero off settings. On one hand I was disappointed it wasn’t touch screen and had more control functionality but on the other hand I like that everything is still on switches
  16. Little chilly in the PNW today but the F-22 wave was fine!
  17. Marykate on and off hull cleaner is what you need. I keep mine in the Columbia all summer. This stuff cleans it right up. Warning though. This is acid based cleaner and won’t harm your gel coat at all but keep it away from your aluminum, brass, etc.. kinda nasty stuff to work with but it does the job
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