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    2012 F21 Tomcat
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    PCM 343
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    1873, 2079 as a spare
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    Stock, custom port sac, 1100# starboard sac, bow sac, a bunch of wires, valves, switches, 3 jabsco pumps.....
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    2 rev 8's, ws 420.

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  1. Thanks for the help guys, sent it back to Livorsi......
  2. check out my post, my throttle is back at Livorsi right now getting fixed.....
  3. I assume you have to access them by taking the throttle assembly out of the "hole" or pull it through into the boat by the steering wheel?
  4. lunchbox


    check out evolution covers, he does good work and uses Sunbrella I believe.
  5. Throttle control box help… Well shit. We have a 2012 21 Tomcat with what I believe is a Livorsi Throttle assembly. Here is my situation. The throttle seems a little loose, like it wiggles excessively side to side (port-starboard). It has been getting progressively worse over the past few outings this year. It seems like I just need to tighten up a nut or something and make the throttle lever a little more firm and take the slack out of it. I tried undoing the little hex head screw that holds the throttle button thingy but was unable to get the button to come out. I called the dealer and they said to undo the hex screw and push the throttle all the way forward and it “Might” come out. My thought is to see if there is a nut or something in there I can tighten up. This was before things got a little worse… We have used the boat a few times since this became an issue and each time it seems to get worse. Progression of events. Throttle first took a bit to get it to lock in Neutral. When it did lock in N, the boat was actually in N. That got a little worse every time we drove it. I found that it would lock into neutral easier when I applied presser to the throttle lever and pushed the pivot point into the side of the boat (towards the throttle assembly). That has gotten worse and now doesn’t seem to be working either. Currently the throttle might catch the N detent but still be in forward gear, it might not catch it but actually be in N or it might just go from F directly into R. I spoke with the dealer again and they said we could just put a replacement throttle assembly in and they would call MB to order one. Meanwhile I spoke with another shop-not an MB dealer but a good shop and they ran into a similar issue earlier this year and informed me that Livorsi doesn’t make this assembly anymore and they had to send it back to have it repaired-which took about a month. This was probably back in March or April if my recollection of the conversation is correct. I head back from the MB dealer and they changed their tune, can’t replace it-have to send it back to get it repaired. I asked what was the replacement/upgraded assembly they referenced and was told they didn’t have one. I have several questions; the non-mb dealer said they thought our boats were a little different because we have a cable actuated throttle but then it is fly-by-wire or something like that. I am probably not remembering what they said correctly but it seemed a little different with both cables and electronic stuff. Is there in fact a replacement for our throttle assembly? What is the best course of action, send it in for repair or try to replace it? I am a little concerned that we will run into this problem again as our boat might be a 2012 but it only has 380ish hours on it. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Do you guys have any suggestions on how to proceed? My plan at the moment is to try and pull the assembly and send it in to Livorsi… I really need some suggestions, thoughts and or options. Thanks
  6. I assume it is a Livorsi Throttle assembly???
  7. The Broadcast is a great beginner or learning board. It is not fast. If you want a faster board, do not buy a broadcast. We have one and use it to teach people how to surf, other than that it sits in the rack or we leave it at home.
  8. Great thanks guys, will post video next time we go out
  9. Lol, nope riding 2 up boat!
  10. lunchbox

    180 Help!

    So, I have been working on a 360 for a while now and am super close to sticking them. Just a little fine tuning I think. I did just start trying to do a 180 and ride the wave but I can't seem to even get started! Any help from you guys would be appreciated. I am looking for a bit of a step by step or some specific instructions..... Thanks
  11. I have ridden behind a few Malibu's and everyone I have been behind iwas very nice. The wave at speed, wake boarding, was a bit more gentle, rampy, then many other boats I have been behind. That being said, the wave was great just different than most other waves I have ridden. I surfed an MXZ , think it was a 15 or 16, and the wave stock with 8 people in the boat was crap. Fun to switch side to side but the wave was still crap. Didn't have a chance to ride it after he sacked it out. I will say malibu's are one of the best looking boats as they sit in the water.....
  12. so this is the new-old version. Now they are making a tab on the FAE just like the one I attached to the trim tab. Mine has a small section of tubing with rubber inside it for the stabilizer to attach to.
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