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  1. 1976 thunderbolt 2015 mb f22
  2. Looked this weekend and wasn't able to find any switches on the fuse panel
  3. Surfing with my 9 year old daughter
  4. Last weekend I was cruising along about half throttle when the MIL light started flashing and beeping. All the gauges were fine, fuel tank was full. Shut off boat checked all fluids and turned off battery disconnect. Turned batteries back on and started back up and everything seems fine now. I would like to know how to get codes so if it happens again I can properly repair the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Add bow weight and you will should be able to get up to 11.7. That's what I have to do with my 15 f22. I also dump a little off the non surf side floor ballast.
  6. So when the switch lights up the pump works but when it doesn't light up it won't work? If that is the case then you are most likely loosing power or ground to the switch. I would start with the battery connections. Check and make sure there isn't any corrosion or loose connections. Then work your way to the switch. It could even be a bad switch. You can also check power to and from the switch when it doesn't work. To eliminate the pump you can check for power and ground at the pump when it doesn't work. If they are both good at the pump then I would suspect that the pump is bad.
  7. Was there anyone sitting up front? Was there anything on top of the gps transponder? "the little black puck in front of the driver" if so that can make the zero off do funky things.
  8. i use 3M Stripe Off Wheel 07498, 3/8" Mandrel, 4" Diameter x 5/8 they work awesome for removing decals and pin stripping. Shouldn't harm paint or gelcoat. There are a few companies that make them.
  9. Do you have it plumbed in? If so does it empty all the way or at least most of the way? Just ordered that same sumo sac from wakemakers today.
  10. Did you decide on what bag to use? I have been looking into doing this for a while. I currently use two bags one on each side. I was wanting to just have one. Thought maybe the sumo 750 since it won't fill all the way it would be around 500lbs
  11. I just fill the factory ballast to sink the swim deck. Lol works ok sometimes I do just the rear plug and play if we are going to be surfing.
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