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  1. Trailer is covered under your boat insurance policy as long as you added it when you bought the policy. So the claim will go to that policy FYI
  2. He Couldn't get up 2 months ago.....now I can't get him to stop. It was a great summer
  3. Just curious if any of you guys put a fan or an air circulator of some sort while you boat is in storage. I am forced to put mine away (wet) with the cover on Sunday evenings and I don't have a chance to let it air dry. I remove all the seat cushions to help air flow but was wondering if there is more I should be doing. I haven't noticed mold growing however I have had a musty smell on occasion.
  4. My dealer ordered me some spares I believe directly through MB
  5. Any idea if this is still an issue on the newer boats. I have 17 B52 23 and have growing concerns as I read all these posts about people breaking shafts and loosing lots of valuable boating time.
  6. I ordered a spooner from Nick a month ago. He is great to work with and I am VERY pleased with the quality of the board. It has quickly become one of the most popular boards on my boat when people just want to cruise. I will be ordering my next board from him as well. Highly recommended!
  7. Jake do you do anything in addition to the hot sauce. I have been spraying and wiping my boat down with hot sauce after each use. I love the product (other than the smell). Just wondering if I should occasionally be adding a wax of some sort.
  8. Alright guys I need some help. As you can see by the picture each time I stop my boat my starboard side surf tab lowers into the surf position. I have double checked (many times) to make sure the surf system is set to off. Once under power at around 10-15 mph the tab will raise it's self. There was a thread going around that said to make sure the nuts were tight which mine appear to be. I can't manually push it up against the hydraulic cylinder. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I have the same issue with my "17 B52. Anytime I stop one side goes down. Once underway I can feel it move back up and when I pull out of the water at the end of the day there is always one side all the way up and one side all the way down.
  10. Just got the Domed MB Boat sticker installed
  11. I run ethanol free premium gas plus I add marine stabil to every tank. I have done this in all my boats and off road vehicles and never had an issue.
  12. Orange had a lot better luck than I did. Mine took nearly 8 weeks.
  13. After reading the instructions I chickened out and had the dealer do it so unfortunately I have no advice to give. Good luck to you!
  14. Freshly installed FAE as I patiently wait for the water to warm up.
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