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  1. I use the mobile app and it's great piece of mind to know the shallow spots and places to avoid.
  2. Yeah the ring seating argument is that your engine will take longer to break in. Maybe with full syn you need 30 or 40 hours for break in. - I have run mobile 1 synthetic since the 50 hr mark. If something goes wrong it won't be from low quality oil.
  3. I have never read or heard a "good argument" to use semi or conventional oil over syn. I could see how semi could be "good enough" in some engines and no real benefit to full synthetic, but the idea of synthetic being worse than semi seems silly. Synthetic outperforms conventional oil in every test I have ever seen.
  4. The bilge pump has a test button on it. Turn everything off and press the test button to be certain it still has power.
  5. Birddog - Love to see a photo with dimensions.
  6. Nice - I like the longer narrower shape of the stretch. if it rides as good as it looks it will be a winner. The price has also not gone stupid high like soul craft. Def need to pick one up.
  7. No need for three props. I can sell the 2247 or the 2847 if anyone is interested. Keeping the 2849 as my main prop.
  8. I should add - I have no problem getting up to "wakeboard" speed with all ballast full and 6 people in the boat - you need to use a little cav plate to plan off. Power has not been an issue for me with the 2849. I did have gell burn before adding the stainless plate.
  9. I have the 2247, 2847 and 2849. At close to sea level I would recommend the 2849. I run at about 1500 ft or less and the 2849 works best. Although the 2847 with a bit more cup might be the winner. Still looking for a shop that can add cup. 2847 is very close to the 2247 just a little better hole shot and a touch lower revs. I normally run 300lbs lead in bow 100lbs under each bag and a crew of 6 or 7 adults, but I have had over 10 with no issues. With a large crew i run all 500 in the bow or remove the 200lbs from the stern.
  10. I disagree but only because manufacturers have to change designs to keep people buying new boats. Not much reason to buy a new 2021 boat when your 2018 is identical. Pretty much all industry where fashion is even a small part is like this. I'm not a fan of the swoop, but it is different and people will know it's a new boat and I think that is the point. A lot of people seem to love the look. We have the old design so we are probably biased.
  11. ^. Gotcha- Thought that was the change which would have been really impressive. On my boat I did the locker dividers, pizza tray, bin under the rear seat, and floor drain. I get comments now about how quiet my boat is.
  12. That's a huge improvement. 3 dB is a doubling of power. You measured a 7.3dB drop in SPL. That's over 5 times less energy getting to your ear. That said our ears perceive sound on a logrithmic scale so it won't sound 5 times quieter, but should be very noticeable.
  13. Sick - I need window tint.
  14. 2247 to 2847 to 2849 each has about a 200 rpm drop at around 11mph. In general larger diameter props are more efficient at slow speeds and less efficient at high speeds. I'm getting better performance and fuel economy with the 15.5" props. I only get audible cavitation on the hull with hard turns at higher throttle. The issue isn't necessarily cavitation it's that the cavitation bubbles can touch the hull when they implode vice imploding before they can touch the hull. I believe larger diameter props actually produce less cavitation for equal amount of thrust. The trick is to keep the thru
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