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  1. Does anyone know how to change the default wakeboard and wake surf speed settings? I never use the default values, so it doesnt make sense to keep them there.
  2. As The Edge said in another thread, make sure you really read through both warranties and understand what’s actually covered and what’s not. Not all warranties are created equally. Don’t assume one is better than another just because it has a longer timeframe.
  3. I still wakeboard. Much more than wakesurf. But I don't have an alpha 🤷‍♂️
  4. It's also very disingenuous that some of these guys are comparing the current MB prices to pre-covid prices of other boats, and think that validates their opinions.
  5. If you want to "cut to idle and wait", id recommend pulling the throttle back gradually to not take on water. Personally, I do the simultaneous hard cut to idle & turn away from surf side method. My dealer actually showed me that method because, when done right, the wave will actually help push the boat around kind of like a police PIT maneuver.
  6. What are your impressions so far of the MLV additions? Is there a noticeable sound reduction?
  7. I completely agree, and because the F24 failed to live up to expectations is what actually made me think of a 25ft B52. Obviously they are not going to redesign the F24 this soon, but the B52 23ft already has a proven wave. So just take the B52 23ft, extend it 2 feet, and you've got a boat worthy of the flagship title. I know i'm vastly oversimplifying the process, but I'm just saying they don't need to reinvent the wheel.
  8. The great thing about #1-3 is that they can all be added without any major changes to the existing boat. I'm at nearly sea level so I'm fine with the base 400 motor, but i'd definitely still like the bigger prop and tranny. #3 is probably the biggest one for me. The current set up is pretty loud. If we're talking improvements to the current models, I really just want the battery switch accessible without having to lift up the seats.
  9. Just thinking out loud here, but how many of you think MB should make a 25ft B52? Personally, the 23ft is still the sweet spot for me, but it definitely seems like there is a growing market for larger (>24ft) wakeboats (e.g. Makai, Centurion Fi25 & Ri265, LSV 25 and upcoming T25, X26, G25, etc.) And I think it would be pretty cool to see what kind of wave a 25ft B52 could make. On the same topic, I feel like MB should drop or move down the F21 -> F20. It feels bit redundant to have two 21ft boats. And with the addition of a 25ft B52 would make a nice staggered boat lineup: F20,
  10. Sure thing! Hopefully I can complete this before the end of the season. Will post pictures after installed.
  11. Mason at GatorStep responded to my email and said they do not have a template on file. A template will have to be made.
  12. Has anybody added additional GatorStep to the bow sides on a B52 23'? I would like to do this, but wondering if a template already exists. I couldn't find anything on GatorStep's website
  13. I did see that one but wasn't sure if it was the same. Thanks!
  14. When I google search "Volumatic" all I am getting is cash counting machines. While I wish I had so much cash I needed a counting machine, I don't think that is going to help me with my stereo issue. Does it go by a different name?
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