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  1. Sweet wave! Looks great except he's on the wrong side of the boat.
  2. I had your boat with your motor at sea level. I ran the ACME 1617. That is the middle of the road prop but I ran some heavy ballast and it was great. It didn't kill my top end. You can go one prop higher for heavier ballast if needed but I never had an issue. Call Wakemakers, they are great (wakemakers.com). Their page has recommendations for the different props for the different ballast options. If you aren't concerned with top speed the next prop up will pull like a locomotive. You have a great boat with a good motor. This is a prop thang.
  3. Don, Stop reading now. Cuz it's time to
  4. Sweet!! Love those colors. Bring that baby home to the PNW. And....drill baby drill !!!!!!!!!
  5. BAM!!! Nicely done. Great video and editing. Looks like a blast. Thanks for posting.
  6. Nice! What board are you riding?
  7. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/4930658042.html Here is a guy selling a new one...it is expensive at $1,250 but he says he paid $1,700. I saw this ad recently and thought of it when I saw your post.
  8. I didn't have to switch out the bags....I just did because I have the bigger ones and I want to play with them. I like both your color choices but being a Duck, I'd go with green and white
  9. SD is correct. The surf package in the X30 comes with factory plumbed sacs in the corners that sit on the hard tanks. The sacks are 450's. I swapped those for some 600's that I had from my MB and those totally fill the compartment. I'm not sure if it will make much of a difference but I did it because I had the 600's and nothing to do except wait for the rain to stop. The total ballast in the MC is nowhere near that of the MB. I think I'm near 2,000 lbs total, including the added sacs. From what I've read and what we did when I tested the X30 before I bought it, that is enough to h
  10. I agree with SD and Midnight....go big, as big as you can. If the budget is tight, tell the wife that you can always add kitchen cabinets later but you can't make the garage bigger. As for heat, it is a great idea to have the heat and I would do it too. My shop is insulated but I rarely use any heat. It takes a stretch of days of freezing weather before I need to turn it on. I don't winterize my boat and haven't used heat the last couple of winters because it hasn't been that cold for that long.
  11. I've seen that in the past with the docks on the ground. I think they lower the lake like that every year.
  12. Here is Midnight's brilliant work: http://www.mbboatowners.com/index.php/topic/2737-carpet-replacement-with-seadeck/?hl=seadeck
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